Sep 1, 2010

Revising Kangi

Current studies in Japanese makes me have this feeling of adapting the skills I have learnt in Japanese to improve my Chinese. The question is how and how could it be done? By many sense the Chinese brought the Kanji to Japan (and probably the whole Japanese language). The synergy generated between the two languages has obviously established a language of the two culture. While the Chinese honouring system and Japanese pronounciation mixed perfectly together, the question of whether the mixture is justifiable brings in the adoration of many culture, even the Chinese (well, myself included!).

I think one of my goals during this term is to explore (and memorize) the wonders of interaction between hiragana and kangi. I am looking forward to the surprises... as for now, べんきょうおします...お願いします!

Aug 26, 2010

The Philippines incident 23 Aug 2010

The bombardment of news regarding the incident on 23 August 2010 has really made the whole Hong Kong to drown and understand the importance of life to all. Regardless of being rich, poor, or even your ego-self, the importance to treasure your neighbours is more important than any other materialistic life.

Saluation to all those who have put in effort in saving the souls. May almighty God bless our community so that we can be united. May true justice prevails and may Peace be among us all. We are not here to hate a nation, but to hope for them to improve. Let's all build up the synergy and establish peace. Let's abolish corruption in the country of corruption and establish a proper attitude to love and respect each other. The creation of the core values of human nature will only allow our community to prosper and grow.

Let us pray for the departed souls and may the return of CX2902 last night bring our grieves to the minimal and may our community strive and establish peace by accepting other's fault and developing our community strength once again.

As a Hong Kong, I learn how strong our community is and that our Government is strengthening up. Everyone should work hard

Jul 3, 2010

Summer @ HK

Summer is here in Hong Kong and all I want to say is... enjoy the sun, enjoy the rain and enjoy what God has given us.

I want to travel but then I do have my limitations... hope things will be better soon!

May 4, 2010

ENjoy life @ Cooking

Attempts were made in cooking last Saturday but I would say it was somewhat of a disaster. Thanks to my cousin offering his kitchen for me to try cooking and experiencing how hot Hong Kong can be in terms of cooking...sizzling hot indeed!

Anyhow, at least I grabbed the joy of cooking, despite murring at my parents afterward complaining that they and my relatives are not appreciating my work... perhaps I require that too much nowadays (not good for self-development... I know)... yet, the main point is I enjoy the whole period of cooking. And thank God for that!

Need to continue to learn how to cut stuff and cook better... let's all cook next time!

Flying and working

Travel has always been easy for me for I can get holidays easily. Not sure with this current job but hopefully my boss is nice enough to grant me that soon, should I need one.

Perhaps people in Hong Kong are obsessed with travelling, but to travel is a leisure, a means to thank God for creating Earth and to really just lay back and relax. Of course, many do know that I am an aviation maniac and so the aircraft being taken is important.

Taking a Boeing 747-400 and an Airbus 330-300 creates two different sensation. To listen to the roar of an engine from a Boeing versus that of an Airbus and flying in the sky with the two aircrafts are totally different. The toilet flushing sound and the ovens used to heat up the prepared food from the Catering Department are all different. To appreciate all the differences is an art that I haven't even tried appreciating. But you know what? I guess the experience of flying do involve the elements of appreciating the aircraft.

So... continue flying is my goal but balancing that with life is definitely something very difficult! Enjoy life and balance it well!

Mar 2, 2010

Meet our hearts through interactions

Current lessons learnt from the Church (both during masses and meetings of the Legion of Mary) have guided me to perhaps really think more about the importance of interacting with people. Interestingly, my favourite airline has also been promoting "Meet the Team", where you get to see people serving the company and their experiences within. Common thing that they share is that they never know where they would be but they surely have landed in a satisfying job and are willing to walk that extra mile to provide that little extra service straight from the heart.

The fusion of these two perceptions echoed as to how one should treat people. Have I forgotten the importance of love and respect? Or have I just felt that dealing with people in a moderate manner will make things flow? Our surroundings are filled with people, but the question lies in the interaction required. Perhaps I have demanded too much for a quiet, where interactions are needed but maintained in a constant mode. Or have we been too ego and were we thinking too much on others intentional motives, rather than really interacting purely from our heart, without any fear nor selfishness?

During this Lent period, I hope that this can be polished up and perhaps the long wait that I am looking for may be joint and the new challenges will be fruitful so that I can enjoy life and share this enjoyment with others!

Mar 1, 2010

To travel and fly

Arriving at Hong Kong and getting back to work from a holiday has always been painful. Scrolling through the hundreds of pictures taken on the trip - all the smiley faces taken from Biei --> Wakkanai --> Monbetsu --> Sapporo is always a happy thing when you log onto the Photo Album and gives you the warm feeling of being in a family. It also encourages one to plan for the next trips to wherever it is in the world. Be it Europe, US or Japan, I am more than willing to search through the Internet. Yet... let's not make this wrong - I love my job and I am still based in Hong Kong. To travel is my hobby, and to earn the miles is the side-happiness gained (hmm.. making this clear first is important for "On the Air" may stereotype people thinking too much!! :D)

Looking into OneWorld for opportunities to fly... let's see...